A Financial Advisor Network (FAN) group hosted webinar

Advisor Doubles AUM by Saying 'No'

Webinar Date:

February 20, 2019 at 4:15 EST

The Financial Advisor Network (FAN) group is hosting this valuable webinar because most growth programs for financial advisory businesses ignore the most important element of an advisor's success: the advisor's emotions! Advisors using the old approaches are making a costly mistake, especially with all the known benefits of behavioral-finance-based wealth management programs, which also focus on overcoming the downside of emotions.

Exploring an advisor's path to doubling their AUM in one year. This webinar goes beyond theory, by exploring how an advisor doubled their 12-years' worth of AUM in less than a year. This same approach helped another advisor, who was new to fees, raise over $80 million in AUM within 2 years.

Only join us if you have one or more of these feelings about your own advisory business: 

Overwhelmed, overworked, & reactive

Frustrated, fearful, & resigned

Want more income, fulfillment, & personal time

Want to feel more like a success

A simple, commonsense approach to advsior success

Identify what prevents us from becoming more successful

Gain confidence & trust to make improvements

Understand where advisors add the most client value

Use the key components that help advisors succeed



Michael Sakraida

The Advisor's Advisor

Founder of the Financial Advisor Network (FAN) group


For 37 years, Mike has been helping financial advisors obtain ore clients, have wealthier clients, and have a healthier work/life balance. His FAN group is over 10-years old and has over 17,000 advisor members.



Tim McCain

Manager of Business Development at SEM Wealth Management


Tim helps advisors be more successful through financial services sales management and sales planning expertise, developed throughout his 27 years of experience.


Garland Scott

Eastern Region Director at SEM Wealth Management


Garland's advisor success help is enhanced by his 17 years of experience with a high level of financial sales and strategic planning training at some of the most elite financial firms.