SEM has partnered with Tolerisk to offer SEM Advisors a discount on their software. Unlike other risk tolerance tools, Tolerisk looks at both the WILLINGNESS & ABILITY to take risk in their portfolio. Most software tools completely ignore the ABILITY side, which is often far more important than the willingness to assume risk.

In addition to this, the software allows you to provide a financial plan with key inputs from the client. The tool then illustrates how various changes such as working longer, spending less, or saving more can impact their ability to retire.

Founded in 1992, SEM Wealth Management has built a platform for financial advisors that helps advisors and their clients overcome their behavioral biases. Through the use of Scientifically Engineered Models, SEM’s investment line-up offers a full spectrum of options including tactical, dynamic, and strategic portfolios to create customizable fully-diversified portfolios.


SEM’s platform leverages various technology integrations to assist advisors in efficiently on-boarding new clients and provides a strong back office support team to service the clients. In addition, SEM’s team provides full portfolio oversight, ensuring the portfolios meet the stated return & risk objectives set forth by the clients.

Utilizing tools like Tolerisk is critical in providing true Scientifically Engineered Models that help clients overcome their personal behavioral biases.

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