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SEM's Platform Custodian - Axos

IMPORTANT: All new Axos accounts require SEM's New Account Form
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Axos offers a streamlined account opening, advisor reporting, and trading abilities no other custodian could offer a firm the size of SEM.


When you are creating an account on Liberty it will populate the forms for you and give you access to all the forms needed for that account type. Those forms will also be there for account maintenance needs at any time (such as if a client wants to change Beneficiaries or request a distribution). Axos also has an integration with Redtail where you can open accounts straight from Redtail. See the instructions above for the details.

One of the biggest advantages of Axos is the ability to use multiple SEM Investment Models in a single account. Our New Account Form has slots to add up to 5 SEM models inside a single account. Only the first 2 pages include signature pages & client information. The last two are the "legal" language to open the account. Opening a new Axos Account is simple -- create the Axos Account online, fill out the SEM New Account Form, collect the client signatures, and email to SEM. SEM can also create custom allocations by submitting our Risk & Objective Questionnaire below. The second page also includes some suggested allocations based on the scoring in the questionnaire. We also have more sophisticated, yet short risk assessments available at


Finally, another benefit of the E*Trade platform is the advisor can choose their own fee. The SEM New Account form includes a box to set the Financial Advisor Fee.

**SEM's New Account Form can be used to change model allocations and update the Financial Advisor's Fee. Make sure you check "Update Information" at the top, enter the account number, and then fill out the relevant information. For model changes we need all suitability information boxes completed.

Looking for Axos' LaserApp forms? They can be found by searching "Axos Advisor Services", under "Securities" in LaserApp.


[Note due to LaserApp changing our contract from a few hundred dollars per year to $10,000 per year, SEM's New Account form will no longer be available on LaserApp. We encourage you to look into Quick! Forms as an alternative. Both SEM's & Axos' forms are available on Quick!]