Paperwork Checklist

Your one-stop shop for things you need to open new accounts with SEM.

Table of contents

New Accounts

These links will direct you to common resources used before or during the account opening process. All new Axos accounts require the SEM New Account Form.


Axos is our platform custodian. Liberty is Axos' web app for both clients and advisors. Axos offers a streamlined account opening, advisor reporting, and trading abilities no other custodian could offer a firm the size of SEM.

When you are creating an account on Liberty it will populate the forms for you and give you access to all the forms needed for that account type. Those forms will also be there for account maintenance needs at any time (such as if a client wants to change Beneficiaries or request a distribution). Axos also has an integration with Redtail where you can open accounts straight from Redtail (see instructions below).

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