SEM takes a different perspective when it comes to investing. We have always understood the impact of emotions on decision making, especially when it comes to investments. We have a goal of helping offset clients’ emotions in order to prevent them from making reactionary decisions with their investment portfolios. Having emotions is not necessarily a bad thing – it’s what makes you human. In fact, these emotions often lead to PREDICTABLE mistakes. Once we understand this we can structure portfolios designed to offset these mistakes.

While studying for the CFA exam, SEM Portfolio Manager Jeff Hybiak found that SEM had always recommended a behavioral approach to investing, but we had never communicated it in such a way.  Here’s how you can utilize your own behavioral approach to structure a customized portfolio.


A Behavioral Approach

Layer 2: Consider cash and other low risk investments to reduce short-term risk & likelihood of making short-term, emotional decisions.

Layer 5: Use smaller portions of portfolio for concentrated or riskier investments.

Layer 4: Select investments that align with specific objectives & risk levels for that layer

Layer 3: Divide assets into specific layers and set specific goals & objectives for each layer.

Layer 1: Construct complete financial plan with specific goals & objectives.

Pyramid TM.png