What am I paying for?

Why Pay a Fee?

SEM Investment Management Fee: 1.125% Max

  • Daily and monthly monitoring of your portfolio

  • Access to lower cost investment options

  • Proprietary Portfolios that play Offense and Defense

  • Portfolio diversification

  • Working with advisor to create a risk efficient investment portfolio

  • Frequent communication with your advisor

  • Protection of downside market risk



  • Economic & Investment Information via Quarterly Newsletter

  • Handling of contributions, withdrawals and distributions

  • Create Investment Policy Statement for the client & advisor

Financial Advisor Fee: 1.125% Max^

^note: some advisors may charge flat rates for some of these services or may not offer all of them


1.) Initial Development of your customized plan

  • Savings & Budget Goals

  • Taxes & Estate planning

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • Determine Investment Objectives, Risk Tolerance, & time horizon

2.) Implementation of Plan

  • Tax Management

  • Select Investment Solutions

  • Monitoring / Reviewing all of the above periodically

  • Behavior modification (help avoid emotional decisions)

3.) Other customized services

  • Retirement transitioning

  • Social Security/Medicare/Pension assistance

  • Insurance protection planning

Custodian (Axos): 0.12% Fee Max*

*Note: historically this has averaged less than 0.10%/yr.

  • Access to over 8000 mutual funds & ETFs that SEM can choose from without any transaction fees

  • Unlimited trading

  • Real-time internet access to account information

  • Tax Reporting (1099s, 5498, Cost Basis, 8949) with electronic downloads of data for CPA

  • Quarterly custodian statement either paper or electronic

  • Required Minimum Distribution Calculations for Clients over the age of 70.5

  • ACH Withdrawals and Check processing