AmeriGuard Models

Primarily a blend of strategic & dynamic models using funds available at American Funds & Vanguard

Table of contents

Basic overview

Each portfolio is designed to create a more risk-efficient exposure to the specific return & risk objectives relative to a passively managed index or fund available individually at each fund company. For more information, contact Jeff Hybiak.

SEM's AmeriGuard Portfolios are different than all other SEM portfolios. First, due to their quarterly management, the risk can be somewhat higher than many SEM clients and advisors are accustomed to. Second, SEM's fee for the AmeriGuard portfolios is 0.50%. Advisors may select to charge the same fee as SEM or elect their own fee. This fee would be applicable to the entire account.

Resources and literature

The handout linked below contains basic information about our AmeriGuard portfolios. If you are a professional investor and want more detailed information (including information about specific models), please see our Models page. If you are not a professional investor, please talk to your advisor.

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