Why use SEM's platform?

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Take the guesswork out of the investment management decisions
and help advisors mitigate their own behavioral biases with our

Scientifically Engineered Models!

Why SEM?

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A Better Platform

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Offers distinct advantages over the larger "TAMP" platforms

Client Improvements

  • Lower costs

  • More client friendly website

  • Consolidated & model specific performance & holding information

  • Less Paperwork
    (1 statement / quarter)

  • Simple application

  • Customized portfolio options

SEM Improvements

  • Model trading for all accounts

  • More efficient cash management

  • Faster execution

  • Bulk changes to recommended portfolios

  • Rebalancing back to specific client model allocations

  • Ability to add other managers to SEM's accounts/models

Advisor Improvements

  • Removes many advisor behavioral biases from client portfolios

  • Removes "discretionary" responsibilities from advisors

  • A true fiduciary looking out for you and your client [SUITABILITY]

  • Sophisticated portfolio line-up / simple implementation

  • CFA assistance in setting model portfolios for clients

  • Account opening tool

  • Retail & other CRM/Financial Planning software tie-ins

  • Customized fee options

  • On demand performance reports

  • Simple application

  • Mobile app for client meetings

  • Automatic RMDs

  • Keeps focus on RELATIONSHIP management

Asset Mangement Styles

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SEM's Platinum Advisor Program

  • Customizable advisor specific model portfolios designed to meet specific return & risk objectives

  • Dedicated SEM service team

  • Ability to add additional non-SEM investments to client accounts

  • Choose your own fee

  • Access to SEM's Portfolio Management team for client meetings, proposal generation,

  • & investment manager due diligence

  • Add your logo to client quarterly statements & portal

  • Quarterly planning meetings with SEM team

  • Access to SEM's unique Amierguard Portfolios

  • Additional Practice Management Services

SEM's Platinum Advisor Program is only available to a select number of advisors. Please contact SEM for qualification information.