Our Story

SEM Wealth Management was founded in 1992 by Rick Gage, an engineer experienced in the use of statistical design and optimization.  SEM's co-owner, Jeff Hybiak joined SEM in 1998. Today the team at SEM is comprised of both engineering and finance professionals who combine their knowledge and experience to navigate the uncertainties of the stock market.  Our approach to the financial markets utilizes technical analysis to develop computer-driven investment models.  These proprietary models, developed through extensive back-testing, have guided SEM's investment approach since its formation.

As of March 2021, SEM manages 3500+ accounts and over $700 million of client assets. Founded in Tucson, Arizona, SEM opened an office in the Richmond, Virginia area in late 2017 to better serve our east coast clients and advisors. Having dual operations centers on both coasts provides additional protection and support for all of our clients in case of a disaster or emergency.


The Beginning: 1986 - While SEM was founded in 1992, it really began in 1986 when Rick began managing his own money after researching trend-following trading systems.

1992 - SEM launched after Rick's personal success navigating late-80s volatility

SEM's original logo

1995 - Jeff begins building his economic model

1998 - Jeff joins SEM

1999 - SEM begins using high yield bond signal with clients

2000 - Elliot Spitzer investigation causes mutual funds to severely restrict frequent trading. Due to fund restrictions, SEM restructures trading system to match new rules

2001 - FRED online launched, allowing SEM to mechanize Jeff's economic model.

2007 - SEM's economic model predicts recession. SEM begins warning advisors in April about the "Pending Forest Fire."

SEM logo change

2008 - During the world financial crisis, SEM's systems performed as expected, reducing the risk significantly across all models (relative to their benchmarks).

2015 - Jeff begins studying for the CFA exams.

2016 - Using the ideas generated from the CFA materials, SEM launches Dynamic Allocation Models utilizing the economic model created in 2001.

2017 - After being hired as the OCIO by a firm in Virginia, SEM creates AmeriGuard portfolios to fill the remaining hole in the model lineup. At the request of other advisors, SEM creates a Platinum Advisor program to serve as the OCIO for financial planning firms.

SEM's current logo

2018 - SEM opens an office in Virginia to service east coast advisors.

2019 - SEM creates the Cornerstone portfolios to provide a Biblically Responsible option for investors.

Looking Forward: SEM is looking to continue investing a significant percentage of our revenue into research and development with the goal of offering even more sophisticated customized portfolio options. Areas of focus are alternative sources of income, tax efficient investments, and concentrated position management.

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