Investment Strategies

This page contains basic information about our various investment strategies. If you are a professional investor and want more detailed information (including information about specific models), please see our Models page.

We also have a video series going into more detail on our investment strategies. You can find the full series on our YouTube.


Based on stock and bond market direction. Monitored daily.

Tactical Handout (pdf)

Tactical Strategy Video


Based on SEM's Economic Models. Monitored monthly.

Dynamic Handout (pdf)

Dynamic Strategy Video


Based on strongest asset classes. Monitored quarterly.

Primarily a blend of strategic and dynamic models using funds available at American Funds and Vanguard. For more information about our AmeriGuard program, see our AmeriGuard page.

AmeriGuard Handout (pdf)

Strategic Strategy Video


An approach to investing that seeks to honor Biblical principles and glorify God in investment decisions. For more information about our Cornerstone program, see our Cornerstone page.

Cornerstone Handout (pdf)

Strategic Strategy Video

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